In a move that should not shock anyone, the Cubs are the favorites to win the 2016 World Series by Bovada's most recent odds.

The Cubs are now listed at 6/1 odds, but they aren't alone atop the World Series odds. The San Francisco Giants - hot on the heels of their big signings of Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija - are also pitted at 6/1 odds of winning it all.

It's also an even year, which means the Giants - who won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014 - are natural contenders.

The Cubs have only lost Starlin Castro as a main cog from a team that won 97 games last year and made it to the National League Championship Series.

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They've since retooled with starting pitcher John Lackey, utility man/second baseman Ben Zobrist and top free agent position player Jason Heyward while also bringing back Trevor Cahill and adding Rex Brothers and Adam Warren as pitching depth.

The Boston Red Sox are 9/1 favorites for the 2016 title after inking David Price to a megadeal this winter.

Here are the rest of Bovada's Top 10:

4. Kansas City Royals - 14/1
4. New York Mets - 14/1
6. Los Angeles Dodgers - 16/1
6. St. Louis Cardinals - 16/1
6. Toronto Blue Jays - 16/1
9. Houston Astros - 18/1
9. Pittsburgh Pirates - 18/1
9. Washington Nationals - 18/1


The Cubs opened the offseason at 11/1 odds of winning the World Series, which put them alone atop the rankings on Nov. 2.