CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011


CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011

Thursday, Feb. 10, 201112:30 p.m.

The Cubs released their television schedule for the 2011 season on Thursday, featuring 80 regular season games on Comcast SportsNet. Included in those 80 are four games against the World Series champion San Francisco Giants and six against the division rival St. Louis Cardinals.

CSN will also air three games against the Eastern Division champion Philadelphia Phillies who are the owners of what is likely the best rotation in all of baseball.

In addition, CSN will air two spring training games:

Sunday, March 20 vs. Giants (3:05 p.m.)
Thursday, March 24 vs White Sox (4:05 p.m.)

2011 regular season schedule

41vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
42vs. Pittsburgh
12:20 p.m.CSN
43vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
44vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN45vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN46vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.WGN
48@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN49@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.CSN410@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN411@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN412@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN413@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN415@ Colorado
7:40 p.m.WCIU
416@ Colorado
7:10 p.m.WGN417@ Colorado
2:10 p.m.WGN418vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.WCIU419vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.CSN
420vs. San Diego
1:20 p.m.CSN
422vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m. WGN
423vs. LA Dodgers
12:05 p.m. CSN
424vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m.CSN
425vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.CSN
426vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.WGN
427vs. Colorado
1:20 p.m.CSN
428@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.
429@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.CSN
430@ Arizona
7:10 p.m.CSN
51@ Arizona
3:10 p.m.WGN
52@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.CSN
53@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.WGN
@ LA Dodgers
2:10 p.m.CSN
56vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
57vs. Cincinnati
12:10 p.m.FOX
58vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
510vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.WGN
511vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.CSN
512vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN
513vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.CSN
514vs . SF Giants
6:10 p.m.FOX
515vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN
516@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU
517@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN
518@ Florida
6:10 p.m.WGN
519@ Florida
6:10 p.m.CSN
520@ Boston
6:10 p.m.WGN
521@ Boston
6:10 p.m.FOX
522@ Boston
7:05 p.m.ESPN
524vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.WGN
525vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.CSN
526vs. NY Mets
1:20 p.m.WGN
527vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
528vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.CSN
529vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
530vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
531vs. Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN
61vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
63@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN
64@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX65@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN66@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU67@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN68@ Cincinnati
11:35 a.m.
CSN69@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.WGN610@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.CSN611@ Philadelphia
3:10 p.m.FOX612@ Philadelphia
TBDWGN613vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN614vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN615vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN616vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN617vs. NY Yankees
1:20 p.m.CSN618vs. NY Yankees
3:10 p.m.FOX619vs. NY Yankees
620@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN621@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.WGN622@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN624@ Kansas City
7:10 p.m.WGN625@ Kansas City
6:10 p.m. WGN626@ Kansas City
1:10 p.m.CSN628vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.CSB629vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.WGN630vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN71vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.WGN72vs. White Sox
3:10 p.m.FOX73vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.CSN74
@ Washington
12:05 p.m.WGN45@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN76@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN77@ Washington
6:05 p.m.WGN78@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m. CSN79@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.WGN710@ Pittsburgh
12:35 p.m.WGN714vs. Florida
7:05 p.m.CSN715vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.WGN716vs. Florida
12:05 p.m.CSN717vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.CSN718vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.WCIU719vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.CSN720vs. Philadelphia
1:20 p.m.CSN722vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WCIU723vs. Houston
12:05 p.m.CSN724vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN726@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN727@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN728@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN729@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN730@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX731@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.WGN81@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN82@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN83@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN84@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN85vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN86vs. Cincinnati
12:05 p.m.CSN87vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.CSN88vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN89vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN810vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.WGN812@ Atlanta
6:35 p.m.CSN813@ Atlanta
6:10 p.m.WGN814@ Atlanta
12:35 p.m.WGN815@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN816@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN817@ Houson
1:05 p.m.WGN819vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN820vs. St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX821vs. St. Louis
822vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN823vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSn824vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN825vs. Atlanta
1:20 p.m.WGN826@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN827@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.WGN828@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.CSN829@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.CSN830@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.WGN831@ SF Giants
2:45 p.m.CSN92vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.CSN93vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.WGN94vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN95vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN96vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.CSN97vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.WCIU99@ NY Mets
6:10 p.m.CSN910@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.CSN911@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.WGN912@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN913@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN914@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU915@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN916vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN917vs. Houston
918vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN919vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN920vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN921vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN923@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.CSN924@ St. Louis
12:10 p.m.WGN925@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN926@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.WGN927@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.CSN 928
@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.

Cubs' Ian Happ: Anthony Rizzo looks 'absolutely wonderful' after weight loss

Cubs' Ian Happ: Anthony Rizzo looks 'absolutely wonderful' after weight loss

From the press box, baseball writers squinted down at the players taking ground balls at Wrigley Field Friday.

Was that lean first baseman really Anthony Rizzo?

“I looked at myself in the mirror when I got home with (my wife) Emily and I go, ‘I’m either going to gain 50 pounds or I’m going to get back into amazing shape,’” Rizzo said after the Cubs’ first day of Summer Camp.

Rizzo lost about 25 pounds over the baseball hiatus, training with quality assurance coach Mike Napoli.

“I was in really good shape coming into the spring,” Rizzo said, “and just me and coach Napoli were basically quarantine buddies the entire time. And we just held each other accountable every day, six days a week, we were going to get after it, we had our good routine, and I think it’s paid off. I feel really good for this year and for this sprint.”

Ian Happ, whose locker is next to Rizzo’s, said he watched his teammate try on smaller clothes Friday because everything from before his weight loss was too baggy.

“Nice to see him downsizing, and he looks absolutely wonderful,” Happ said. “His pop right now -- I don’t want to oversell it, but his pop right now -- he’s strong. He’s very strong.”

Rizzo began batting practice hitting everything to the left side of the field. A ground ball here. A fly ball there. But once he got his timing down, he started launching home runs over the ivy.

“Once we got on the field and we’re out there, it’s amazing how fast you can tune everything out,” Rizzo said, “and just be Anthony Rizzo the baseball player, when I’m between the lines.”

Remember when 'Hamilton' cast sang 'Go Cubs Go' after World Series win

Remember when 'Hamilton' cast sang 'Go Cubs Go' after World Series win

Broadway hit musical "Hamilton" became available to stream on Disney Plus on Friday, which serves as a fun reminder.

Remember when the Hamilton cast sang "Go Cubs Go" after the North Siders won the 2016 World Series? Like the Cubs finally snapping their 108-year championship drought, it actually happened.

The Cubs won the Fall Classic on Nov. 2, 2016, a dramatic 8-7 affair that went 10 innings and finished after midnight, Nov. 3, in Cleveland. The Hamilton Chicago cast performed the night of Nov. 3, and the Cubs' clincher presented a perfect way to round out the musical's curtain call.

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Hamilton star Miguel Cervantes put on a special rendition of the song, fitting for the moment:

"Baseball season's done today/We better get ready for a brand new day/Hey Chicago, what do you say?/We won the World Series yesterday." 

The cast didn't know some of the later lyrics but we'll give them a pass. Check out the awesome performance here: