Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while everybody else will be focused on football, one Atlanta family will likely still be giving thanks to Marlon Byrd.

Byrd contributes a blog through entitled "The Byrd's Nest," something Cubs fans may not have known. His latest entry is heart-warming tale of dealing with something called compartment syndrome.

Byrd has suffered with compartment syndrome, described as a "serious condition that involved increased pressure in a muscle compartment. It can lead to muscle and nerve damage and problems with blood flow."

Brett D., a young man from Atlanta, suffers from the same disorder and was having a tough time coming out of three surgeries. His family wrote to Byrd and the Cubs outfielder responded in kind, meeting up with Brett in Atlanta in August while the Cubs were playing the Braves.

Byrd goes on to recount his story with the disease, during which he almost had his leg amputated.

It's a good read and a warm story. Go ahead and give it a look.