Cubs manager Joe Maddon is typically the most interesting man in the room. He's smart, charming and dog gone it, people like him.

So it was surprising to hear Maddon describe his recent activities prior to Friday's game.

"I've been pretty boring lately and I kind of like that," Maddon said.

"You know, my routine has been really good. I mean rest and writing. Again, I watched an episode of 'The Office' falling asleep last night."

Who is this guy?

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Well, no matter how compelling Maddon is or isn't away from the ballpark, his team has been one of the most exciting clubs in all of baseball this season with a MLB-best 72-41 record.

But all of this success can be exhausting. Which is why Maddon decided to give starters Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist a rest in the second game of a four-game set against bitter rival Cardinals at Wrigley Field.  
"I want to treat these Fridays like Sundays. It was very hot last night. I know [Adam] Wainwright is difficult, but I think it's wise under the circumstances that we're playing right now to give these guys a rest today."

Maddon further explained the reasoning behind the rest.

"I think these other guys in the game today are going to be fresh. There's a chance for the game to be interrupted, so it's an awkward day in general."


An awkward day indeed.

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The man in charge provided a little insight on the pulse of his team, who holds a 13-game lead in the division, as the second week of August comes to a close. 

"I really do try to stay out of the way. I really do. You can just tell by their conversation they're confidence is up. They don't need to be patted on the back as much. They're good. I've always felt that I could only screw them up right now by talking too much."