The Cubs may have broken the Cardinals announcers

The Cubs may have broken the Cardinals announcers

As the St. Louis Cardinals endured their second straight loss to the Cubs Saturday afternoon, their broadcasters had a few hilarious moments.

Well, hilarious to Cubs fans, at least.

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First up, Tim McCarver and Dan McLaughlin were discussing Jon Lester's "yips" and how he never throws over to first base. This was as Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham was dancing off first.

McCarver mentioned how it's all just posturing on the part of Lester as the Cubs ace stepped off the rubber and faked to first base.

"That's a trick," McCarver said. "He's not gonna throw to first base."

Two seconds later, Lester threw to first to nab Pham.

McCarver's follow up? "That's alright, it's worth it."


Later on in the game, McCarver and McLaughlin were discussing Kyle Schwarber's seventh-inning at-bat...and we all know how that ended.

Schwarber stroked a grand slam into the bleachers, giving the Cubs the lead for good.

And with that blast, the Cardinals TV duo went full Hawk, going silent for 52 seconds:

Cubs' Javier Báez, wife Irmarie are expecting a second child

Cubs' Javier Báez, wife Irmarie are expecting a second child

Cubs shortstop Javier Báez made a big announcement on Monday: he and his wife, Irmarie, are expecting a second child. 

Báez revealed the news in an adorable social media post with the help of his 2-year-old son, Adrian.

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Congrats to the Báez family!

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Cubs GM Jed Hoyer on unrest in Chicago: 'There's so much tension in the world'

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer on unrest in Chicago: 'There's so much tension in the world'

Cubs manager David Ross learned on Monday of the previous night’s unrest in downtown Chicago from his players. Some lived close enough for it to wake them up.

“I just listened to their stories,” Ross said. “I just feel like every day there’s something new. And I hope … our world gets back to being better in so many ways: health, society, emotionally, trying to get back to loving one another as best we can, as human beings.”

Police, responding to a call about a man with a gun, shot a young man in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. According to police, the individual was 20 years old and shot first as he fled from a confrontation. The officers returned fire. The young man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, according to Chicago police Superintendent David Brown.

CPD Deputy Chief Yolanda Talley told reporters that misinformation about the age of the individual spread. Investigators said the same misinformation sparked the destruction downtown in the early hours of Monday morning.

Hundreds of people gathered downtown, vandalizing and looting stores along the Magnificent Mile and surrounding areas. More than 100 people were arrested. A civilian and a private security guard were shot, according to the Chicago Tribune. Thirteen police officers were injured.

“There's so much tension in the world right now,” Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said, “between the economy, unemployment numbers and COVID, just a constant sense of anxiety is over your daily lives, that violence… is going to happen with all this tension.

“And I think that the hope is that we can release that tension here hopefully soon, whether it's through a vaccine, or through controlling the virus better or improving the economy because with so much tension on everyone's lives right now, it's a sad end result of what's happening.”