Those Theo Epstein compensation talks? They're ongoing. Still.

It's been three months, and even with Bud Selig's threat to step in and mediate, the Cubs and Red Sox haven't come to an agreement on who or what needs to go from Chicago To Boston. CSN New England's Red Sox Talk was listening when Epstein joined WEEI on Thursday, and passed along a few quotes:

"Ben and I have been trying to work it out," Epstein said. "I think normally Ben and I could work it out, but there's just a little bit of a different perspective. The expectations were different at the time. We're trying to figure something out that makes the Red Sox happy, but also fits with a century of baseball precedent. I can honestly say this one has been turned over and discussed in the media a lot more than it has between the clubs. Ben and I have had five conversations on in the last few months. We've gotten close but we haven't gotten it done. Maybe we'll need some help to get it done. I want both sides to be happy if possible."

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