David Ross finally revealed what he's doing in his post-playing days.

Grandpa Rossy may still wind up with a coaching job or come back to the Cubs — or another organization — as a special assistant in the front office.

But for now, he's going to be writing a book, titled "Teammate: My Life in Baseball," he confirmed to CSN Wednesday morning.

Ross will co-write with Don Yaeger, an author who has been on the New York Times best-selling list nine times and has worked as the associate editor of Sports Illustrated. Yaeger has helped write books with John Smoltz, Warren Moon, John Wooden and Rex Ryan and may be most known in Chicago as the co-author of Walter Payton's autobiography, "Never Die Easy."

Ross' book will be framed around that epic Game 7 of the World Series and is due out in May.

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Here's what the cover will look like:

Back in spring training, Ross said he started keeping notes and trying to take everything in during his final season in the big leagues. 


After becoming the oldest player in baseball history to hit a homer in Game 7 of the World Series, Ross held court inside the famed visiting workout room in Cleveland (the same room Jason Heyward gave the soon-to-be-Hollywoodized speech) for 15 minutes, describing the storybook nature of his entire victory lap season and how tough it was to wrap his head around it all.

Ross' teammates carried him off the field after the final out in a moment straight out of a movie, and he said that's part of what convinced him that his story was worth telling.

"Besides the Cubs, [Yaeger] thought it was a good story — my career and the good-teammate aspect of it — what makes a good teammate, whether it's on the field or in a business aspect, any kind of team you might be able to help better people, get the most out of people," Ross told Ken Rosenthal.

"It scared me to death, honestly, to think about telling my story. Who's interested in me - a backup catcher? Don kind of convinced me. As we've gone over this, it's been such a great little story for me this year. A backup catcher getting carried off the field in the World Series - that put the icing on the cake: 'Alright, this is pretty cool. I don't know how I got to this point, but it's pretty amazing.'"