Immediately after Kyle Hendricks lost his no-hitter in Monday night's Cubs win over the Cardinals, umpire Joe West briefly took center stage.

West, the home-plate umpire in Monday's game, attempted to put a stop to a meeting at the mound between Hendricks and Cubs infielders. When he did that, Cubs manager Joe Maddon came out of the dugout, and the two Joes had a heated exchange ending in Maddon's ejection.

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It was all a very strange sequence that had many speculating on social media as to why it occurred at all. It also had many Cubs fans hopping mad.

Among them was former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood, who retweeted several folks complaining about West's behavior before unleashing his own criticisms of the long-time umpire.

The Cubs won the game, 4-1, and lowered their magic number to clinch the Central Division title down to three, so West's behavior and his late-game confrontation with Maddon were merely footnotes in this one. But it was enough to get even a former All-Star pitcher all riled up.