Nacho Man has the craziest night of any fan ever

It's not often Cubs and Cardinals fans can agree on anything. Monday night, however, the two bonded over the phenom known as Nacho Man. 

The unsuspecting Cards fan had an eventful night -- to put it mildly -- beginning when Addison Russell went flying headfirst into the stands in attempt of a highlight-reel catch

The rest is history as Nacho Man's cheese doused Addy before the two seemingly made up. 

In a CSN Chicago exclusive, which is sure to give Kelly Crull another Emmy Award, Nacho Man said he had a new level of respect for the Cubs. 

"I've been a Cardinals fan all my life," Nacho Man said. "It gave me a little more respect."

Nacho Man's girlfriend, who took the brunt of Russell's tumble, said the shortstop was her new favorite Cub. 

The couple's wild night didn't end there, though. 

As luck would have it, the dude then caught a foul ball and, because Nacho Man is a role model, handed it to a kid. 

This guy is a flippin' sensation. Forget Marlin Man and Foul Ball Guy, Nacho Man FTW. 

Enjoy those 15 minutes of fame, my friend.