Joe Maddon's themed road trips are the stuff of legend.

Cubs fans will remember the "onesie" road trip from last season, a trip that featured Jake Arrieta's no-hitter at Dodger Stadium and the team pajama party that followed — as well as Arreita's post-no-no press conference, during which he wore a mustache-themed onesie.

Well, the first themed road trip of the 2016 campaign is here, and the Cubs were all dressed up following Sunday's loss to the Braves at Wrigley Field.

The theme this week is "minimalist zany," something Maddon concocted while online shopping during spring training. He said he wanted the team to dress up in suits — but not conventional suits, an obvious Maddon touch.

Check out the Cubs in their "minimalist zany" duds.

Of course, in true Maddon fashion, there's a catch: Cubs players have to wear at least one part of their suit on the entire road trip, and they'll face a $100 fine if caught.

So the stakes are high.

Here are some shots of the individual players sporting their zany suits.

Many of the suits the players selected for the road trip are from OppoSuits.