Addison Russell won't win the National League Rookie of the Year this season (his teammate Kris Bryant will), but he's still had a huge impact on the Cubs.

Despite his recent slump at the plate, Russell has been so good defensively that he's already one of the Top 5 middle infielders in the both positions:



What's so crazy about that is Russell didn't even move to shortstop full-time until early August and he's only played 56 games (41 complete games) at shortstop this season. That makes his status as the fourth-best defensive shortstop in the game all the more remarkable.

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Thanks to his defense, Russell has earned a 3.1 WAR on Baseball Reference and 2.7 WAR on FanGraphs.

He may not with the Rookie of the Year, but the 21-year-old Russell is going to be a very important player for the Cubs for years to come.