New Cubs manager Dale Sveum may be rather quiet and tame in talking with the media, but he doesn't expect his players to follow suit.

No, the former Brewers hitting coach would rather his guys run through the catcher when there's a play at the plate, not just sliding.

"You want to have catchers fear you when you're coming into home plate," Sveum said. "Not just taking the easy way out and sliding.

"That was one thing I think we established in Milwaukee when we were taking the easy way out when we were running the bases and running down the lines. And a lot of people respected that. Whether we won or lost, they knew they were at least in a fist fight and that they would have to at least outhustle us."

Interesting considering he seems to mellow in his public appearances to date. But then again, his nickname is "Nuts."

Sounds like the 2012 Cubs may be getting into some on-field brawls. Nice.

Check out more from the video below. Lots of good stuff in there about Sveum's take on aggressiveness from his 1-on-1 interview with CSN's David Kaplan.