File this under things you never thought you would see during a soccer game.

During the 19th minute of Saturday's Chicago Fire at Real Salt Lake match in Utah, two of the officials traded shoes with each other.

There was a stoppage in play as the two assistant refs met near midfield with the head referee. Next thing you see they are both untying their shoes, surely leaving most everyone in the stadium confused as to what in the world is going on.

Then as they finish taking off their shoes, it becomes evident that they are, in fact, swapping shoes. They were both Adidas shoes, so it wasn't the brand, but one pair appeared to be cleats while the other looked more like running shoes. Makes you wonder what the conversation was that led to the shoe trade, and what the head official's initial reaction was when two of his assistants tell him they need to trade shoes in the middle of the game.

At least as the one official ran back to post on the far sideline he was able to have a laugh over it.

Watch the video above to see the bizarre incident.