White Sox

White Sox

The Mark Buehrle-to-St.Louis rumors that have persisted for years just won't die.

With its rotation for 2012 pretty much intact, St. Louis may be trying to shake things up and deal Kyle Lohse to make room for Buehrle, who grew up in nearby St. Charles (hat-tip to Hardball Talk for the link).

Of course, there are about a zillion problems with that. First of all, Lohse has a no-trade clause. Secondly, Lohse is owed 11.75 million for the final year of his four-year deal in 2012. Thirdly, while Lohse posted a 3.39 ERA last year, it was shaky at best and could be tough for the 33-year-old to replicate even if he stays healthy next year.

The Cardinals also have to deal with trying to keep the most important player in franchise history, or at least since Stan Musial came along. Their attention shouldn't be on a starting rotation that doesn't need much improvement to be successful in 2012. Plus, if they deal Lohse, it's no guarantee they sign Buehrle.

It's tough to see this rumor amounting to anything, especially because if Buehrle were to take a discount, it seems more likely it'd be to stay in Chicago.