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Melky Cabrera thinks White Sox offense is 'one of the best'

White Sox

DETROIT -- The Melk Man believes the White Sox offense is ready to deliver more goodness.

A day after they broke out for season highs in runs and hits, outfielder Melky Cabrera -- who signed a three-year, $42 million deal in December -- said Sunday the White Sox offense is far better than it has shown so far in 2015. Until Saturday’s 12-run, 17-hit explosion, the White Sox were last in the majors with 25 runs scored. While they don’t expect those kind of results on a daily basis, Cabrera, who went 4-for-5 with two runs and two RBIs, believes a good run is on the horizon because of the group’s overall talent.

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“This is a very good (offense), one of the best,” Cabrera said through an interpreter. “You have experience and you have young players. You have speed and you have power. You have everything and that’s good for us. It makes you feel good, comfortable, when you are playing in a lineup like this.”

Cabrera and Adam Eaton were the catalysts of the team’s four-run rally in the third inning, something they haven’t done much of so far. Cabrera has a .238 on-base percentage this season and Eaton’s is at .163 as of Sunday morning. But manager Robin Ventura believes the numbers should even out soon and Cabrera thinks Saturday’s effort should provide a boost.


“(Everyone) did something to help the team,” Cabrera said. “That’s important because with that game yesterday, all of us felt more confidence.”