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White Sox

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- They’ve added four players in the last five weeks, but Rick Hahn is still on the hunt to upgrade the roster if he can.

The White Sox promoted Carson Fulmer on Friday and activated Justin Morneau off the disabled list. Last month they traded for James Shields and promoted Tim Anderson.

But the club still isn’t sure when Austin Jackson may return, how long they might be without Carlos Rodon and uncertain if Matt Davidson will play again in 2016. So Hahn continues to be on the lookout for additions, though it doesn’t sound as if it’d be easy to make more.

“We’re certainly out there continuing our conversations daily with other clubs and looking for the right opportunities to improve ourselves for 2016 and beyond,” Hahn said. “We knew it was going to be a difficult market so to speak, and certainly at this point in time, it’s a strong seller’s market.

“Already this year, you’ve seen us change 40 percent of the rotation, change the shortstop, add various players to the bullpen, and we’re going to continue to operate in that manner. We’re going to try to put ourselves in the best position to win now, and over the next couple of weeks leading up to the deadline look for opportunities to get better now and for the future.”

Rodon, who sprained his left wrist during the last homestand, is set to play catch Saturday and the White Sox should know more. He may require a rehab start, Hahn said.


Jackson still hasn’t had the follow-up MRI after his June 10 knee surgery. Nothing has changed so far as the White Sox know -- but they will have more info after the MRI, Hahn said.

“It wasn’t a minor injury,” Hahn said.

Davidson needed to have a pin inserted into his fractured foot during his surgery. Hahn is hopeful the third baseman -- who stopped by Angel Stadium on Friday -- is not done for the season, but he’s probably out until at least September. The White Sox also hope to get some sense soon from Zach Putnam (sore elbow) if he can rehab his injury or would require surgery. And, catcher Alex Avila could be close to returning from the disabled list.

Hahn has to weigh all that information against outrageous prices for buyers and the team’s place in the standings. They entered Friday seven games back in the American League Central and 4 1/ 2 out in the wild-card race. Hahn thinks they can win if they improve in divisional play and on the road, where they’ve cooled off after a nice start. The White Sox farm system has also been thinned out by the graduations of Anderson and Fulmer to the majors.

“Any time you make a decision to trade the future for the present, you need to balance the likelihood of improving your chances to win now against how great of a detriment are you potentially creating for the organization into the future,” Hahn said. “There’s only one championship you can put yourself in a position to win over the next few months. But at the same time, we do have plans for the future to continue to contend, and we do have players under control beyond 2016 that we think can help us do that. We don’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. But at the same time, we’ve made it pretty clear we’ve been aggressive over the last few months and we hope to continue to be aggressive over the next several weeks to improve our chances to win this year.”