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Wade Miley's outing against White Sox ended painfully

White Sox

Having a bad day? Well, it couldn't have been much worse than Wade Miley's. 

The Baltimore Orioles pitcher had an extremely short outing Friday, lasting just 0.2 innings against the White Sox.

Unlike most quick hooks, though, Miley wasn't pulled because he was getting shelled. No, he left under far more painful circumstances.

It all started when the 30-year-old southpaw was drilled by a Jose Abreu liner with two outs in the first, sending Orioles trainers out to the hill. 

Miley was allowed to remain in the game after doing a little convincing, but his luck didn't improve.  

The very next batter, Avisail Garcia, mashed a ball that, yes, nailed Miley again. You can't make this stuff up. 

Miley tried to wave off trainers after liner No. 2, but the Orioles weren't about to risk a trifecta of bruises. 


This all provides more proof that the Baseball Gods can be extremely cruel.