White Sox

White Sox

From yesterday:

Tim Raines received 49 percent of the vote from the BBWAA in the 2012 Hall of Fame voting, which stands as an encouraging trend upward for the should-be Hall of Famer. Jim and U-God offered up some observations on the Hall of Fame voting at South Side Sox.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, I took a look at the myth of Jack Morris "pitching to the score" and why, even if he did do that, it shouldn't be a point in his favor.

The Blue Jays cut ties with former Sox infielder Mark Teahen, meaning Toronto will pay him 5.5 million (his 2012 salary) to not play for them this season.

The Cubs and Tigers are "down the road" in talks involving a deal that would send Matt Garza to Detroit, CSNChicago.com's David Kaplan is reporting. Want some nightmare fuel? Think about a Detroit rotation of Justin Verlander, Matt Garza, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello. Yikes.

Even with some money saved up, the White Sox aren't going to sign a closer this offseason. That's a very good thing.

What's Gavin Floyd's status in relation to the Blue Jays? One simple site has you covered.

Bulls President Michael Reinsdorf took some cues from the White Sox in tweaking his team's front office, specifically regarding the communications and marketing departments.