White Sox

White Sox

From yesterday:

Roberto Hernandez Heredia, formerly known as Fausto Carmona, was arrested for false identity in the Dominican Republic. On one hand, if he can't pitch for Cleveland this year, that actually could be better for the Indians' rotation. But on the other hand, with Cleveland and Detroit both losing high-priced pieces this week, the chances of the Sox did probably improve a bit.

Yoenis Cespedes finally homered in the Dominican Winter League. Despite his struggles, though, there's really no reason to read too much into a handful of poor at-bats.

Kyle McCulloch, the White Sox first-round pick in 2006, was released by the Reds. He never reached the majors and only pitched a handful of innings above Double-A, although most of the other pitchers with the next 75 or so picks after McCulloch haven't amounted to much, either.

Jim complied a table of prospect lists sorted by each publication, adding a few notes. He has righty Erik Johnson as his "getting-on-the-bandwagon-early pick" for 2012.

James looks back at the career of Orlando Cabrera, who retired on Wednesday.