White Sox

White Sox

From yesterdaythis morning:

Chuck Garfien discovered a classic Hawk Harrelson rant involving fan interference, Joe Brinkman and the Texas Rangers from 1991. The diatribe in question:

That was a hilariously bad call-then-non-call by Brinkman, so Hawk's well within his rights here.

Speaking of hilarious YouTube videos, here's what happens when you give a White Sox fan a Cubs gift for Christmas.

We looked at the top five storylines of 2011, with the downturns of Adam Dunn and Alex Rios topping the list.

And finally from us, Chicago Tribune Live debated whether the White Sox are rebuilding.

James at White Sox Observer argues the A's blowing up of their team has hurt the trade market for White Sox players. It's an interesting argument, and one that's steeped in a not-so-covert disdain for the A's.

Prospect guru John Sickels rolled out his White Sox top 20 prospects. "No organization is completely empty and there are some interesting guys here, but overall the White Sox have well-earned their reputation as the weakest farm system in the game."