White Sox

White Sox

Mission, accomplished: The White Sox set a Guinness World Record on Tuesday night at U.S. Cellular Field for most dogs attending a sporting event.

The team announced that 1,122 dogs were in attendance (the title required a minimum of 1,000 dogs to be present).

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Here's the official certificate:

Asked after the game if they could hear the dogs throughout the game, the White Sox said they heard them loud and clear.

"At least in the outfield I do," Adam Eaton said. "Who Let The Dogs Out? That song was stuck in my head. I feel like half the dogs out there were singing it for some odd reason. They were a little noisy but it’s kind of fun. It brings a different atmosphere to the ballpark. I think that’s one of the beauties of The Cell, really nothing is off limits. That’s the beauty of it. What, we had 1,100 dogs at the ballpark tonight? Bring different viewers to the ballpark. A lot of fun."

Said Tyler Saladino: "Yeah, you could hear them the whole time. It was just funny hearing them yelling, like they didn’t know what was going on. They were just yelling back and forth at each other. That was a fun game though."