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Wiliams in wait-and-see mode on Viciedo in LF

White Sox

Offensively, Dayan Viciedo has struggled this spring, posting a .379 OPS in 30 at-bats. For reference, his on-base percentage -- which is just half of the OPS equation -- at Triple-A last year was .364.

It's too early to panic about Viciedo's offense. He's a player with loads of offensive potential, and there's reason to hope his bat will eventually come around. Defensively, though, Viciedo doesn't have that same pedigree. And he's not comfortable in left field, according to GM Kenny Williams:

Moving from right to left field is a significant adjustment, especially for someone who's only played one full year in the outfield. There's a steep learning curve for Viciedo, as any mistake he makes will be under the major-league spotlight.

Nobody should be expecting Viciedo to be a Gold Glove-caliber outfielder. But as long as he's not a liability, he'll provide good value based on his offense. And to not be a liability, he has to first feel comfortable in left. And to feel comfortable, he needs reps on reps on reps.

Early on, Viciedo's defense may not be up to par in left. But hopefully, at some point in 2012 he'll begin to feel comfortable.