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Word on the Street: Trade winds between Cubs-Sox?


Word on the Street: Trade winds between Cubs-Sox?

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010
Should the Cubs and Sox make a trade?

Chicago Tribune writer Phil Rogers believes both the Cubs and the Sox need a major change to shake things up after just one championship in the city of Chicago since 1917. His proposal? To swap GMs, sending Kenny Williams to the North Side and Jim Hendry to the Sox.

Rogers even went on to suggest the teams swap players as well, including the Cubs sending Carlos Zambrano, Kosuke Fukudome, Jeff Samardzija, Geovany Soto, Randy Wells and Chris Archer to the Sox for Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd, Mark Teahen, Scott Linebrink and Tyler Flowers.

As Rogers says, "this plan is crazy, for sure, but no crazier than letting either Chicago team continue on its current path." (Chicago Tribune)

Bears-Dolphins draw best Thursday night crowd

The Bears' 16-0 shutout of the Miami Dolphins was the most watched show on cable, drawing an average of 5.4 million viewers. The game was better than all entertainment and sports competition, including UCLA-Washington NCAA football on ESPN, which netted 2.1 million viewers, Suns-Magic from the NBA (1.2 million viewers), and Nuggets-Trail Blazers (1.1 million viewers) on TNT. (FootballReportersOnline.com)

Marshall remorseful after Thursday night antics

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall had quite the connection when both were teammates with the Denver Broncos, but both have since moved on to different teams. Their paths crossed again Thursday night in Miami, with Marshall's Dolphins squaring off against Cutler's Bears.

Both players play offense, so they were never on the field at the same time, but that didn't stop Marshall from taunting Cutler after making a catch near the sideline.

The day after the incident, Marshall called it a "boneheaded move" and regretted his actions. (NFL.com)

Cubs looking to fill Rothschild's position in house?

According to Carrie Muskat, Cubs beat writer for Cubs.com, the team is looking to promote someone from within the organization to fill the hole at pitching coach left by Larry Rothschild who jetted off to take a job with the New York Yankees Friday.

Muskat mentions names such as Mark Riggins, Lester Strode, Dennis Lawallyn and Mike Mason as potential replacements. (MLBlogs)

Vikings' Rice activated

Minnesota Vikings receiver Sidney Rice was activated by the team for the first time this season and will suit up for Sunday's matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Rice had 83 catches for 1,312 yards and eight touchdowns last year with Minnesota, but has been inactive the entire 2010 season with a hip injury. (Chicago Tribune)

Tim Anderson's eventful day at the yard ends with shot at Joe West: 'Everybody knows he's terrible'

Tim Anderson's eventful day at the yard ends with shot at Joe West: 'Everybody knows he's terrible'

Talk about an eventful night at the ol' ballpark for Tim Anderson.

It looked like it was going to be a day worth celebrating for Anderson, whose developmental progress reached a milestone during the third inning of Saturday's Crosstown matchup with the Cubs. He hit his 20th home run of the season, becoming the first White Sox shortstop ever to have a season with at least 20 homers and at least 20 stolen bases.

A heck of a feat, one that should stand out when White Sox fans and observers spend the offseason discussing whether or not Anderson truly is this franchise's shortstop of the future.

But the ump show came and overshadowed all that.

The Cubs were in the process of extending their lead in the ninth inning, putting things out of reach, when the White Sox attempted a double play on an Anthony Rizzo groundball. Anderson got the force out at second base and attempted the turn in the presence of a sliding Javy Baez. His throw went nowhere near first base, going down as an error that allowed another run to score.

After the play was over, Rick Renteria challenged, spurring a review to see if Baez violated the rules by reaching his arm out in an attempt to impede Anderson from making the play. The review determined Baez did not do that. Anderson disagreed, and a conversation with famed umpire Joe West followed.

"I asked him a question, and he kind of got pissed at me," Anderson said of his interaction with West. "I asked him if he saw him reach for my leg in the replay. He asked me if I was going to argue that, and I said, ‘No, I was just asking a question.’ And after that I didn’t say anything else. He started barking at me. Kept staring me down. I gave him, 'Why you keep looking at me?' Did that twice and threw me out."

Anderson was ejected, and he was visibly livid on the field, screaming at West in the immediate aftermath of the ejection. Renteria came out after Anderson started making his way toward the dugout, still yelling, and was ejected, as well.

Now, White Sox fans are no stranger to West, who famously — or infamously, if you're a White Sox supporter — called a couple of balks on Mark Buehrle and ejected both Buehrle and Ozzie Guillen in a 2010 game against the Cleveland Indians, sending announcer Hawk Harrelson into an on-air rant against West: "He's becoming a joke to the umpiring profession."

But the White Sox are far from the only team to have their run-ins with West. Anderson was obviously familiar with West's reputation, taking a shot after the game.

"I don’t have much to say about him. Everybody knows he’s terrible," Anderson said. "But I didn’t say much and he threw me out. It’s OK."

Additionally, Anderson was adamant that Baez did indeed move his hand in violation of the sliding rules at second base — and added the review officials in New York to his criticism list.

"Yeah, definitely. You could see it in the replay," Anderson said. "That’s just one of the many that they missed in New York, I guess."

And so an eventful night for Anderson.

His criticisms of the officials will undoubtedly overshadow his joining the 20-homer club and standing alone in the White Sox 20-20 club. But those are just further examples on Anderson's growth as a player this season.

Yes, the error he made on that play was his 19th of the season, putting him among the league leaders in that category after he led baseball with 28 fielding errors last season. But he now has career highs in home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, doubles and walks. And his fielding has been noticeably improved over the last month or so, a result of the work he's put in with Joe McEwing.

This weekend, Anderson generated headlines with an argument with an umpire. This winter, he'll be generating discussion by what he's done on the field. And the latter has been impressive.

"I’ve been able to take my game to another level," he said. "I just have to continue to grow and just keep learning and keep working hard."

White Sox Talk Podcast: Hawk Harrelson interview before his final White Sox broadcast


White Sox Talk Podcast: Hawk Harrelson interview before his final White Sox broadcast

Hawk Harrelson sat down with Chuck Garfien to talk about his emotions prior to calling his final White Sox game.

Why has he been such an unspoken announcer in his career?  Does he have anything prepared for his final inning?

How does he want to be remembered?  That and more on this edition of the White Sox Talk Podcast.

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