White Sox

White Sox

From opening night of SoxFest:

This is technically from before SoxFest kicked off, but Jim Thome -- who has a handshake agreement to work for the White Sox after he retired -- surprised Jerry Reinsdorf during a taping of "Inside Look."

Last year, the White Sox opened SoxFest with the expectation they would compete for the division. This year, they're asking "why not us?"

Meanwhile, Robin Ventura re-introduced himself to White Sox fans over a decade after leaving. And while he's no Ozzie Guillen, he did show a light-hearted, quick-witted side of his personality.

Jake Peavy is healthy for the first offseason since joining the White Sox, which he feels good about. He also cleared the air over his quasi-feud with Ozzie Guillen.

Kenny Williams played coy when asked about the Sox interest in Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler, declining to answer a question about them at a seminar.

Williams received more than a few boos at the opening ceremonies, which he responded to in fine fashion.

Bud Selig expects baseball to add a second wild card this season, which certainly can't hurt the playoff chances of the White Sox.

Cliff Politte, Joe Crede, Neal Cotts and Pablo Ozuna reminisced about the 2005 White Sox -- as did a bunch of fans.

And one other note: the Phillies signed Juan Pierre to a minor-league deal, and he'll compete with Scott Podsednik for a backup job.