The Cubs made history 50 years ago today


The Cubs made history 50 years ago today

John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil had a great career as a standout first baseman, then manager with the Negro Leagues' Kansas City Monarchs in the late 1930s through the mid 1950s.

After his former Negro League team was sold, he was hired by the Cubs as a scout, having a hand in discovering Billy Williams and signing Lou Brock among others. O'Neil served as an unofficial coach for a while until 50 years ago today, the Cubs officially hired him as the first African-American coach in Major League Baseball history.

Unfortunately, he never got a chance to manage; he came right at the time the Cubs were experimenting with the ridiculous "College of Coaches," and O'Neil in his autobiography "I Was Right On Time" identifies then-Cubs executive Charlie Grimm as the one who made the call to exclude him from the rotation.

O'Neil eventually returned to the scouting ranks, and later became the star of Ken Burns' "Baseball" documentary, bringing the Negro Leagues back to life with his captivating description.

O'Neil was the chairman of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, and shortly before his death at age 94 in October 2006, became the oldest man to play a professional baseball game, drawing two intentional walks in the July 18, 2006 Northern League All-Star Game.

He was truly one of baseball's all-time great ambassadors.

Report: Tommy Hawk attacked at the United Center


Report: Tommy Hawk attacked at the United Center

According to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Blackhawks organization dealt with a disturbance off the ice during their 4-3 loss on Friday night to the Winnipeg Jets.

According to authorities, mascot ‘Tommy Hawk’ was attacked by a male fan around 11:15 PM on the United Center concourse.

A video of the incident was spreading on social media and the Chicago Police have since confirmed the disturbance.

No one is in custody as of Saturday evening, though there is a physical description of the alleged attacker.  

A Blackhawks spokesman gave this statement:

We are gathering the facts and will have no further comment at this time, pending our investigation.

Reddit story once again proves that Prince Amukamara is a pretty good dude

USA Today

Reddit story once again proves that Prince Amukamara is a pretty good dude

Prince Amukamara seems like a pretty good dude. 

Yesterday, someone took to reddit to briefly give the cornerback props for giving his best friend's brother a signed jersey:

Rams fan here w/ a dope story: One of my best friends' brother, who has special needs, met Prince at his work. Got a picture with him, and at some point asked him if he could get a jersey. Next day, in comes Prince with a signed authentic. Amazing guy. Can pick off Goff all he wants now.

It's a great story, and a testament to the kind of impact these players can have on the everyday lives of fans. Plus now apparently he can pick off Goff all he wants!