10 Chicago Cubs who were 'one-season wonders'

/ by Joe Collins
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“Enjoy the ride.”

If there was a countdown of the top slogans used by our guy David Kaplan during the summer of 2016, this was near the top of the list. Kaplan declared (ranted?) this while the Cubs were on a brief downturn near the All-Star break of their World Series-winning season. Fans were in a panic. Kaplan called for calm.

Similarly, there’s another adage that goes, ‘You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.’ And that’s where this list comes into play.

We’re looking at players who gave fans a thrill for one great season. It could have been a journeyman who played solid ball year-to-year and then went out of his mind statistically for a summer before coming back to Earth. Or, perhaps, it was a rookie who burst onto the scene before fading. Or maybe it was someone who was in town literally for one season before leaving via trade or free agency.

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Whatever the case may be, we hope fans enjoyed the ride for that one season of glory.

What if a certain Chicago Cub were to have his ‘one shining moment’ in 2020? Would that count as a one-season wonder? Or maybe a 3/8-season wonder? That’s probably up for debate down the road.

In the meantime, here are the greatest one-season wonders in Cubs history.


10 Chicago Cubs who were 'one-season wonders'