5 potential trade partners for KB, plus how every team fits


Whether the Cubs trade Kris Bryant is one of the biggest questions surrounding their roster this winter, leading into a 2021 season that’s his final under team control.

An equally significant question is how many legitimate trade partners there are among the league’s 29 other teams.

Bryant is a top tier player, a proven performer with an MVP award and three All-Star game appearances on his résumé. He’s dealt with injuries in recent seasons but is still a guy who would make any lineup better, one with added value for his ability to play multiple positions.

However, it isn’t as simple as the Cubs moving Bryant, even as they cut payroll following a season of revenue losses. They’re not the only club dealing with an unprecedented financial climate — they and many others don’t have set budgets for next season — and Bryant’s projected salary is around $20 million — no small sum.

And, heck, a trade is far from certain.

“I don’t think it should be treated as a fait accompli that [a trade is] going to happen,” Jed Hoyer said recently on the Cubs Talk Podcast.

If the Cubs do move Bryant, they won’t give him away for nothing and have a right to expect a reasonable return. However, his one year of club control and down 2020 season (in a small sample size) does affect his trade value.   Another important factor — in general but especially when considering the aforementioned points — is finding a trade partner is easier said than done. If you didn’t think this would be tough, take a look at how MLB's other 29 teams come into this. 


It’s less about the likelihood of pulling off a deal with 1-2 teams and more about pulling off a deal with anybody.

5 potential trade partners for Cubs' Kris Bryant, plus how every team fits

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