Is Anthony Rizzo motivated by a possible “Last Dance” of sorts for the Cubs in 2021? Hell yeah.

Rizzo spoke with David Kaplan on his radio show Tuesday morning when Kaplan brought up the notion of an impending “Last Dance” for the North Siders core.

“You watched ‘The Last Dance,’” said Kaplan. “You have one more year after this if they pick up your option-- which I’m sure they will. Kris (Bryant) has another year. (Willson) Contreras has two, there are a few more that will still be around.

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“But, it’ll probably never be the same. Theo’s not under contract after ‘21. Does that perspective that ‘This may be our ‘Last Dance,’ boys, let’s leave everything out there,’ does that fuel Anthony Rizzo?

“It definitely does,” said Rizzo. “I mean, we want to win… we want to get back on top, we want to be dominant.”

At the same time, the players can only control what they do on the field-- just like the Bulls could only control what happened on the court. And Rizzo is setting his sights high for 2020.

“This isn’t about being happy about making the playoffs this year. A lot of teams will be, a lot of teams will be very happy to make the playoffs and a decent run. This isn't about that. This is about all of us knowing that this is kind of coming to an end here with all the guys being under team control.


“We’re fueled by each other, and that’s the best part of being in this clubhouse right now.”

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