Rizzo rebukes Hoyer’s ‘frustration’ over no extensions


Anthony Rizzo pushed back on Cubs team president Jed Hoyer’s contention the club's failure to reach extensions with its former All-Star core is on the players.

“I'm kind of confused on why," Rizzo said ESPN 1000’s "Kap & J Hood" Tuesday morning. "Why say that? It sounds like a bad breakup and the person saying that they’re fine when they’re not fine."

A day after Hoyer’s comments on the same radio show, Rizzo redirected the blame and suggested the team only wanted its players back on discounts.

"Listen, when it comes to the guys on our team and what we did — Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, MVPs, Rookie of the Years, good people — those things cost money,” Rizzo said.

“I know it comes down to a business and when you want your cake, and you want to eat it too, that's kind of how it seemed.

“I think it can all speak for itself that there’s a common denominator that no one signed.”

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Hoyer on Monday doubled down on comments he made Friday about why extensions didn’t get done with Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javy Báez. The three were dealt before last week’s trade deadline.


"That will probably be my greatest source of frustration from this era," Hoyer said Monday. "I put my head on the pillow every night knowing that we put our best foot forward. 

“The extensions we offered these guys will hold up exceptionally well. Historically, they'll hold up exceptionally well against the open market. I don't know why guys didn't want to sign. I don't know why guys didn't want to even counteroffer, often times."

Said Rizzo: “We had such great memories there. To come out on air and say that doesn’t really make sense, but it is what it is.”

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