Brewers manager favors age limit for fans wearing glove to games


There are already a few major changes coming to Major League Baseball next season.

And Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell has an idea for another one.

During an appearance on 620 WTMJ earlier this week, Counsell was asked whether he thinks there's an unwritten age limit for fans bringing a glove to the ballpark.

"I think there should be an age limit," Counsell answered. "Yes, I'm in favor of a national age limit on bringing a glove to the park."

What should that age limit be?

"I'm gonna go 14," Counsell said.

So if you're over the age of 14 and you still manage to secure a baseball without a glove, what do you do with it?

"Then you pass it on to a kid," Counsell said.

It's hard to tell just how serious Counsell was being, as the conversation seemed fairly casual and light-hearted. But it's certainly an interesting take from the former two-time World Series champion infielder.

Counsell's comments come just weeks after a glove-wearing Nationals fan went viral for intercepting a ball thrown to a group of youngsters by Washington outfielder Joey Meneses.

In a kind gesture, Meneses sent a letter and signed ball to one of the young fans days later.

So what say you, is it possible to be too old to bring your glove to a ball game?