How Indians, Braves support each other after 3-1 collapses

USA Today

They say misery loves company. So to help out the Atlanta Braves who are likely reeling after losing Game 7 to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday night, the Cleveland Indians have set up a little group therapy on Twitter.

Apparently four years isn’t long enough to heal the wounds caused by blowing a huge lead to one of the most cursed teams in baseball history. But at least Clevelanders got to enjoy life on the other side of the coin when the Cavaliers rallied to take down the Warriors who got out to a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Other fans who have dealt with the pain of such a crushing collapse gathered to commiserate, and welcome the Braves fans into the fold.

Meanwhile one Atlanta fan made the fantastic observation that their city has dealt with plenty of disappointment recently.

Maybe they should be the ones leading the group?