Cubs’ all-time best international signings, in 5 categories


The Cubs kicked off the international signing period by reportedly adding at least seven players by Friday afternoon, a group headlined by shortstop Christian Hernandez.

The signing period remains open this year until Dec. 15, thanks to a shift in the calendar brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Usually running from July 2 to the following June 15, the international signing period is a crucial opportunity for clubs to add talent. Some of the biggest stars in MLB right now – take Fernando Tatís Jr. for example – have joined the league as international signees. And even if a prospect doesn’t develop into a star, just like in the MLB draft, he can become a trade asset or simply strengthen a team’s farm system. 

The Cubs too have added their share of franchise-altering players as international prospects. To give a sense of the paths some of these players have taken, here are the Cubs’ best international signings in five different categories:


International signing period: Evaluating 5 of Cubs’ all-time best additions