Rizzo on contract: 'I don't see any reason for us to listen'


Not only did Anthony Rizzo reiterate that he’s done negotiating an extension with the team, but he said on Tuesday that he sees no reason to listen to offers at this point.

“I don't think there's a reason to listen right now,” said the Cubs first baseman said Tuesday on ESPN 1000’s “Kap & JHood” of extension negotiations. “I think I gave them every fair opportunity in the past years.”

Rizzo previously set an Opening Day deadline for negotiations, but those talks ended soon after the Cubs made a lowball offer. He said last week that he told his agents he doesn’t want to hear offers unless it’s close to “what we think is right,” preferring to focus on the season.

He echoed that message on Tuesday.

“I have told them it's time to play baseball and help this team win,” Rizzo said of his message to his agents. “When we talk, it's about our team and how we're feeling as a team and other opportunities that come up. 

“As far as the contract stuff, it's just smart, I think, on all ends to continue to play baseball.”

Cubs president Jed Hoyer said as recently as a few days ago that he’s “very confident” the club will reach an extension with Rizzo. Hoyer also noted that he’s expressed to the first baseman the path he sees to a deal.


Hoyer added that he respects Rizzo’s desire for a deadline but emphasized that the Cubs’ door is open for negotiations.

But as far as Rizzo's concerned, it's time to play baseball.

"For me in my mindset, it's just playing baseball and not worrying about where I'm going to be," he said.

"I'm here in Chicago and I love it here, as I've expressed always, but I just don't see any reason for us to listen.

"Obviously, if they call, we're not going to be selfish and stubborn. But my mindset is just play baseball."

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