Rizzo on social change: ‘Politicians don't give a f**k about us'


Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo can’t know firsthand what teammate and good friend Jason Heyward is experiencing as a Black man in this moment, but some of the larger real-life social and political issues these days hit home in a very personal way for him. 

And Rizzo’s frustration with it all showed in comments after Wednesday night’s game, talking about Heyward’s decision to sit out against the Tigers amid protests of Kenosha, Wis. police shooting 29-year-old Black man Jacob Blake on Sunday. 

“I've gone through a lot with my high school and s**t doesn't change,” he said. “And it's just the fact of the matter."

Rizzo took time away from the team in spring training two years ago and returned home after a shooting occurred at his alma mater in Parkland, Fla. With his own experience, he spoke with raw emotion of issues inflicting the country and the pain many are feeling right now.

“Politicians don't really give a f**k about us. All they care about is their own agenda. And it's just the way it is and it's upsetting and I'm sorry to use that language and go off but it's upsetting.”

Three MLB games were not played on Wednesday in protest of the Kenosha shooting: Reds-Brewers, Mariners-Padres and Dodgers-Giants. The NBA postponed its three playoff games and the WNBA postponed three games.

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