Cubs Twitter upset over '03 NLCS flashback airing amid Game 2


It was inevitable that the 2003 NLCS — specifically the eighth inning of Game 6 — would be brought up on the TV broadcast of this week's Cubs-Marlins NL Wild Card Series.

After a quiet Game 1, that moment came in the sixth inning of Game 2 on Friday. ESPN aired the Moisés Alou-Steve Bartman moment, as well as Alex Gonzalez' botched double play ball.

Needless to say, Cubs fans and baseball fans alike were displeased a flashback of that game was aired during Friday's broadcast.

As a reminder, Bartman isn't the reason the Cubs lost the NLCS that year. And further, it's been 17 years. It's time to let it go and give it a rest, no matter the ties to the postseason this year.

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