Cubs fans' epic beer cup snake was insanely expensive


Wrigley Field was fully open and the Chicago Cubs had sellout crowds that were rocking. It was the first weekend Chicago was fully re-opened.

And that means the bleachers are back rocking, and with the team playing a primetime Sunday Night Baseball match up, the fans put together one remarkable cup snake.

The snake reached from the top of the upper section of center field beneath the scoreboard to the top of the lower centerfield section.

And how much beer had to be consumed to make that? And how much money was spent on beer?

Well some people did the math and the answer is a lot. An insanely large sum of money.

And before you start with the Cubs can afford to extend the core four players, that roughly comes out to about $5,000 in profit according to one of our math experts.

It wasn't long ago that the Cubs security team at Wrigley Field were waging war on cup snakes in the bleachers, confiscating them as soon as they got started.

According to Carne Kenney, it was a conscious decision by the team to enact a truce.

"What we decided to do this weekend was just let them snake," Kenney said on 670 The Score.

"A year ago, the ballpark was a food pantry and the hotel across the street was a shelter for our physicians... People were letting it out and they were having some fun this weekend."


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