El Mago's latest trick: Doubling while hitting lefty


Cubs shortstop Javier Báez keeps finding new ways to impress us, and it’s almost unsurprising when he does now because we’ve come to expect it.

Báez’ latest trick came in the ninth inning Friday. With White Sox infielder Yolmer Sánchez on the mound, El Mago turned around and batted left-handed.

Báez, a lefty off the baseball diamond, lined a double into the right-center gap, because, of course. (Yes, it came against a position player, but still).

That was Báez’ second plate appearance from the left side in his career, both coming against a position player. Last August, he flew out against Reds catcher Kyle Farmer, making him 1-for-2 for his career.

“He’s hitting .500 from the left side,” teammate Willson Contreras said. “Javy’s a super talented guy. He just has fun out there and it was a good time to do it. I’m glad that he hit a double.”

Báez was doubled off second one batter later, when he forgot there was one out on Billy Hamilton’s infield pop up. His manager was impressed with him, nonetheless.

“I wish he would’ve known the outs,” David Ross said, laughing. “That was pretty good. When you’re batting .500 in the big leagues left-handed and that’s not your natural side, it’s impressive.”

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