Joc Pederson’s ‘semi-pro’ mustache gets team’s attention


As Cubs outfielder Joc Pederson recently watched a San Francisco Giants game, he grew inspired.

“They all had mustaches. I’ve never had a mustache and I was shaving,” Pederson said on Friday’s broadcast. 

“They just scored a bunch of runs and I was like, ‘You know what. I’m going to leave it.’”

After Friday night, that thing isn’t going anywhere. Pederson has been on a tear since coming off the injured list May 3, playing a huge part in the Cubs’ success. 

Entering Saturday, the first-year Cub is batting .396/.433/.528 since returning, helping the Cubs put together a 12-6 record in May. Friday, his leadoff home run jumpstarted the Cubs in a 12-3 win.

“I don't have much of a mustache,” said Pederson, who provided more details on his ‘stache to the media after Friday’s Cubs win. “It was more of a joke and it still is a joke. I don't really grow facial hair like that.”

The clubhouse has offered a few suggestions for him.

“They all want me to die it jet black,” Pederson said. “I’m just playing with it, having a good time.”

Cubs manager David Ross offered another idea.

“Can we go gray and match the manager?" Ross quipped on Saturday.

“When he came in the other day with the 'stache, that was pretty funny," Ross added. "Him and [Cubs reliever Andrew Chafin], I swear, they make me smile — whether it’s Chafin’s hair and ‘stache or Joc’s.”


Between his hair, mustache and strong performance out of the bullpen, Chafin has gained a cult following on the North Side this season.

“He's got a real mustache,” Pederson said of Chafin. “This is semi-pro, but it keeps the locker room light, messing around. The guys are feeling good, so let's keep it going.”

Count Ross in.

“I don’t care what they look like," Ross said with a smile. "I care how they play. If the 'stache is a thing this year, I’m on board with it.”

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