Cubs manager David Ross removed left fielder Kyle Schwarber from Sunday's game against the Twins in the third inning. Cameron Maybin replaced Schwarber in left field.

Ross declined to get into specifics regarding Schwarber departing the game, saying he’d like to keep it between him and the left fielder.

However, Schwarber did take responsibility for a play in the second inning in which Twins outfielder Jake Cave reached third base.

“I think the guy shouldn’t have gotten to third base there,” Schwarber said. “It put [Cubs starter Yu Darvish] in a tough spot. I put the team in a bad spot there."

Cave hit a deep fly ball to left field. Schwarber sprinted to his right but the ball sailed over his glove. He didn't play the ball off the wall aggressively — it took a tough hop — and seemed caught off guard by Cave's aggressiveness.

Cave slid in safely at third with a triple. He scored two batters later on a 4-3 groundout, putting the Twins ahead 2-0. Minnesota won 4-0.

“I think I could have gotten to the ball sooner and it keeps him from going to third there," said Schwarber, adding he over-pursued the ball. "It might be a different situation from that run scoring.”

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After getting pulled, Schwarber stayed in the dugout to support the team, and both Ross and teammate Ian Happ praised his work ethic.


"He's a wonderful teammate," Happ said. "Someone that nobody ever questions his work or the attitude he comes into the game with. I can speak for everyone in the clubhouse when I say that."

Schwarber recognized he has to learn from the moment.

“I pride myself on being a team guy and a guy who’s going to play this game at 120 percent, every play,” he said. “I think my teammates understand that. I think Rossy understands that as well. Just moving on from it.”

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