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Risk of COVID-19 outbreak from Ross ‘pretty much gone’

Cubs Insider

The Cubs might have sidestepped the kind of COVID-19 outbreak that have bedeviled other teams’ rosters this season when they reached the fifth day Wednesday since manager David Ross and Jed Hoyer tested positive for the virus.

“You always feel fortunate,” said acting manager Andy Green, quickly adding: “It can impact any clubhouse at any point.”

Both Ross and Hoyer were fully vaccinated and have been asymptomatic, the team said. But the Cubs are one of seven teams that failed to reach MLB’s herd-immunity vaccination threshold of 85 percent for players and other Tier 1 personnel.

And infectious disease experts suggest a three-to-five-day incubation period after exposure when positives can pop.

That period lapsed as of Wednesday morning, when the team backed off its stepped-up testing and safety protocols and returned to measures in place before Friday’s positive tests for Ross and Hoyer.

“From a doctor’s perspective, the risk of transfer from Rossy to us is now pretty much gone, “Green said .”We’ve passed that window. We’ve all tested negative.

“That doesn’t mean [zero risk],” he added. “Like the rest of the world, we’re all at risk of testing positive for COVID at some point in time just by living our everyday life. But the risk of anyone having gotten it from Rossy is now past us for the most part.

Green revealed Wednesday that, like pitching coach Tommy Hottovy, he, too, contracted the virus before vaccines were available.

He suggested the fact that he and Hottovy were routinely Ross’ closest contacts for lengthy stretches on a daily basis this season might have mitigated the risk of an outbreak.


“We were kid of flanking him through the entire time,” Green said. “Those are the types of people who are most unlikely to get a breakthrough case — people who have had it and been vaccinated. I think we were fortunate in that regard.

“And right now we’re continuing to be hopeful,” he said. “But at any point in time this could pop up in me; it could pop up with anybody in the clubhouse. It’s just the world we live in.”

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