Podcast: Should the Cubs be more like the Dodgers or Rays?


At the height of the Cubs' run under Theo Epstein, they were the model organization and were the standard for other teams to follow. Now, the Cubs are searching for stability to the roster and organization and need a model to replicate to get them back on track. Which path should they take?

David Kaplan is joined by Gordon Wittenmyer and Tim Stebbins to discuss which team in the World Series the Cubs should replicate to get them back to prominence: the big-spending Dodgers, or the analytical and methodical Rays.

(1:25) - Which style of retooling should the Cubs choose?

(5:39) - How do the Rays develop pitching so well?

(10:06) - Is the next shoe to drop Theo Epstein and the Cubs parting ways?

(15:10) - What does the 2021 Cubs rotation look like?

(19:10) - Did Theo succeed or fail as Cubs president?

(33:00) - Kap predicts the Cubs will make a major move by Christmas

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