Darvish's glove falls off mid-pitch, still gets a foul strike


Cubs starter Yu Darvish is so locked in, nothing can faze him on the mound. Not even his glove falling off mid-delivery.

In the fourth inning in Game 1 of Saturday’s Cubs-Reds doubleheader, Darvish’s glove fell off his left hand as he was rearing up to throw an 0-1 pitch to Freddy Galvis. He took the moment in stride, continuing his delivery and induced a foul off the plate. Check it out:

"I never had that happen before. I tried to throw a splitter, but I don’t know how that happened," Darvish said postgame. "It worked — that was my best splitter in this game, so I hope I can throw that pitch next game too."

Had Darvish halted his momentum, it would have been a balk. The fact he didn’t is pretty impressive. Thankfully, Galvis didn’t hit a comebacker to a defenseless Darvish on the mound. It would have pretty been entertaining to see him field a slow roller with two bare hands, though.

Baseball. You see something new every day.

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