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We’ve gotten a taste of what life is like on an MLB field this week, thanks to ESPN mic'ing up various players in multiple games.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo were mic’d up for Monday’s Cubs-Angels game, which produced a gold mine of content. Rizzo took a jab at the Astros’ cheating scandal; he successfully predicted an incoming pitch — and drilled it for a hit; he did his best Selena Gomez impression and discussed road trip aliases with Bryant and manager David Ross.

Rizzo has quite the personality, a notion Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman backed up on Friday. ESPN mic’d up Freeman for Friday’s Braves-Red Sox game, and he said Rizzo is the best conversationalist at first base.

“Rizzo and I, we have a good time over here,” Freeman said.

Because Rizzo and Freeman are both first basemen and on-base machines, they can let the good times roll multiple times per game. If I'm not mistaken, Rizzo shared a similar sentiment towards Freeman when asked the same question on Monday. Oh, what fun!

Related: MLB should find a way to mic up players here and there in the regular season. The stakes are much higher than spring training, but man, the content is immeasurably awesome.