Javier Baez shares the details of his engagement

Javier Baez shares the details of his engagement

If Javier Baez had any jitters before announcing his engagement to long-time girlfriend Irmarie Márquez, he hid them well during the Cubs home opener.

After his two homer performance, Javy took to Twitter the next morning to proudly reveal: “She Said Yes!"

But Baez actually popped the question a week earlier, during the Cubs' lone day off at home in between the Cincinnati and Milwaukee road series. Preparing to celebrate Márquez's birthday, Javy decided the time was right.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I wanted it to be really special and I wanted her to always remember her birthday with this,” Baez said. 

He took his soon-to-be fiancée out for a romantic birthday dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse. Then the couple headed home and got ready to go to sleep, and while they were sitting in bed Baez proposed when the clock struck midnight and Irmarie turned 27.

“He acted normal, then he showed me the ring and it was then he got nervous,” said Irmarie, who was shocked. 

The couple met in middle school in Bayamon, Puerto Rico when Javier was just 13 years old. Six years later, they began dating, but Baez always knew she was destined to be his wife.

As for the details of the engagement ring, Baez came up with the custom three-carat design using Irmarie had her eye on a specific setting, and to her surprise Javier sent the jeweler a screenshot from his cell phone to have it replicated.

It will be a busy summer for the Baez family. Their first child, a baby boy, is due in July and now a wedding is in the works. Look for the Baez couple to tie the knot in Puerto Rico in December 2018.

Twitter user shaming Astros post-cheating scandal is a Cubs fan


Twitter user shaming Astros post-cheating scandal is a Cubs fan

Twitter user @AsterikTour has gained notoriety recently for constantly barraging the Houston Astros in the aftermath of their cheating scandal. The account (appropriately named “2020 Astros Shame Tour”) has amassed 118,000 followers and pulls no punches with its intentions. From the account’s bio:

One year to shame them all, one year to jeer them, one year to boo them all and from your seat deride them.

Asterik Tour’s sadistic nature towards the Astros leads one to believe the account's mastermind is a Yankees or Dodgers fan. Houston stole signs in 2017, when they beat New York (ALCS) and Los Angeles (World Series) in the postseason. The account's architect is a fan of neither squad, however.

27-year-old Brendan Donley is a Cubs fan.


According to the Washington Post, Donley, who lives in Michigan, became obsessed with the fallout of Houston’s scandal. He wanted a centralized location to keep up with all things Astros and took matters into his own hands.

“If I’m obsessed, I figured maybe other people are, too,” Donley told the Washington Post

Donley posts memes relating to the scandal, videos of Astros players getting plunked in spring training games and fan-made signs jeering the club. He made it clear he doesn't wish for the players to be harmed but didn't think much of the team's apologies post-scandal.

“For some people, there’s nothing they could say that could return them to good graces," Donley said, "but for a lot of us, if you just said ‘I’m really sorry, I know I did something wrong, I’ll never do it again and we feel ashamed for what we’ve done,’ I feel like people would accept that.”

That's a fair assessment. The fact a Cubs fan is so passionate on the scandal shows the scrutiny towards Houston isn't going away anytime soon.

Cubs Talk Podcast: Ross-ter Rundown: Can Jon Lester bring it for 1 more year?


Cubs Talk Podcast: Ross-ter Rundown: Can Jon Lester bring it for 1 more year?

As the season draws closer, it's time to discuss every player that will be on the final roster on Opening Day. We start with Cubs veteran pitcher Jon Lester.

Jeff Nelson sits in for David Kaplan and is joined by NBCS Cubs writer Tim Stebbins and NBCS producer Nate Poppen to debate if Jon Lester can help stabilize the starting rotation for at least one more season, and where do you place him in the rotation.

(1:37) - One word to describe Jon Lester

(5:42) - Lester didn't start his Cubs career very well

(10:40) - Lester eventually proved why he got the contract

(14:40) - How will the relationship change between Jon Lester and David Ross

(19:00) - Lester's inability to throw to first base

(23:00) - Projections for Lester in the 2020 season

Listen to the full podcast here or via the embedded player below:

Cubs Talk Podcast