Báez, Anderson appear in Nike ad calling on people to vote


Cubs and White Sox shortstops Javier Báez and Tim Anderson are two star athletes to appear in a Nike ad calling on people to vote this election season.

The ad — which features clips of Báez, Anderson, LeBron James and others — shows how anyone, including but not limited to athletes, can make a difference by voting.

"No one picks up a ball wanting to change the world. They want to escape it," narrator and actress Regina King says as a young basketball player practices in an empty gym.

King goes on to say how athletes want to be part of something, and that something can take them anywhere. A clip of Anderson plays as she says of athletes: "They could make a friend, make the team or make the league."

A clip of Báez plays as she adds "They could break a record in Seattle, break some ankles in Brooklyn or make a believer in San Juan." 

"But we don't have to wait until then [to change the world]. We can do it right now. With a choice," King says of voting.

Check it out, and learn more about the campaign here:

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