The All-Star break is over, and thank god, because this week was BORING. 

While you were forced to leave the TV room, or finally schedule that dentist appointment, or savor the sweet taste of fresh oxygen, or reacclimate with your family, or whatever you did to pass the time, Javy Báez was busy. Javy Báez was busy because Javy Báez was getting even more tattoos, which rules. Not only that, but Javy Báez was busy giving himself  tattoos, which is tremendously Metal: 

Some things to think about while watching Javy Báez give himself another tattoo: 

1. Getting a tattoo hurts. If someone tells you it doesn't, they are lying, right to your face. It is quite painful. However, Javy Báez is smiling, and seemingly not in pain. The simplest explanation for this is that Javy Báez is a super human, but we all knew that. 

2. He's just coloring his knee all black? 

3. He's doing this with his left hand. Javy Báez is a right-handed (at least when playing baseball in involved), gold-gloved, slugging stud and he just messes around and permanently marks his body with surgical precision. Imagine being so confident in both hands that you can live life as a lefty and be an MVP caliber player with your other. We have no choice but to stan. 


4. Jason Heyward's comment, a short but poignant use of pinocchio emojis, suggests foul play?!? idk Jason, this looks extremely not-fake to me. 

5. Enjoy Tattoos With El Mago now before A Brand gets a whiff of this and turns it into some slickly-produced YouTube video that's only available on the team's channel. 

With that said yes I'd like a tattoo from El Mago.