Javy Baez's 1-year-old son already has all the makings of a baseball superstar

/ by Tony Andracki
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Javy Baez's son is only a year-and-a-half old, but he already has a sweet left-handed swing reminiscient of Ken Griffey Jr.

Adrian Javier Baez Marquez, the son of the Cubs superstar, is already crushing it off the tee in Baez's latest social media video while his dad looks on wearing one of Joe Maddon's "Level 5" T-shirts:

Adrian has the bat-flip game on point, too.

As the Cubs work on an extension with Baez, maybe they should consider a futures contract for the little guy, too.

Smart on Baez for molding his son's left-handed swing at an early age. Baez throws and hits right-handed, but he often utilizes a left-handed swing in batting practice to even things out physically and he's no slouch from his "weak" side:

Baez even took his left-handed swing into a blowout game in Cincinnati last season:


Side note: What a fantastic hitting view. Give the kid props for his focus on the task at hand and not getting sidetracked by the gorgeous landscape serving as the batter's eye.