Lester tipping familiar total in free beer salute to fans


Jon Lester is a good dude. We now have two examples this weekend demonstrating this fact.

Lester, if you missed it, is buying Cubs fans who make a reservation at four local taverns this weekend — Hop Smith, Lodge Tavern, Butch McGires and She-nannigans — one free Miller Lite, his favorite beer. The lefty is taking that generosity to another level.

Lester tweeted receipts from Friday night, when 695 beers were served on his tab. Each receipt includes a generous 34 percent tip, the figure representing his jersey number. 

The free beer offer is a great salute from Lester to Cubs fans, and the tip is especially generous in a tough time for the service industry hit hard by COVID-19.

The Cubs declined Lester's contract option for 2021 on Friday and there's still a chance he returns next season. Whether he's back in 2021 or not, Chicagoans will remember him fondly for his actions on and off the field.

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