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8 fits Cubs can only dream about in cost-cutting winter

Cubs Insider
USA Today

The Cubs didn’t do much of anything last winter as they measured roster needs against a bloated payroll with no room to add and trade scenarios.

If it’s possible to add even less this winter, all indicators are pointing to exactly that — with steep revenue losses amid an ongoing pandemic driving massive layoffs throughout the Cubs organization and an urgency to significantly reduce payroll into 2021.

Whether any team in baseball approaches the winter like a big-market team, the traditionally high-revenue Cubs certainly will not — making a lot of great-looking roster fits on the free agent market the stuff of dreams for the front office and fans alike. More than 150 players became free agents on Wednesday, with more to follow in the coming days as teams make decisions on 2021 contract options.

Maybe some day the Cubs will be big-spenders again and go all-in for a chance to win.

Hey, just wait till next year, right?

Until then, gaze at this winter’s free agents and dream on:


MLB free agency: 8 fits Cubs can only dream of in cost-cutting winter

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