Little movement in labor talks as deadline approaches


MLB and the players union continued labor negotiations in Florida on Tuesday, the second straight day they met.

The good news is they're still talking and are set to meet again Wednesday,

The bad news is Tuesday's negotiating session produced little progress toward an agreement yet again — with the league's deadline for an on-time start to the regular season fast approaching.

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Meanwhile, the potentially ugly: MLB made its second request of the lockout for federal mediation, which the union rejected again.

The union's proposal Tuesday included tweaks to issues including minimum player salary, the percentage of players eligible for arbitration after two seasons and the number of teams included in a proposed draft lottery.

But the two sides this week have yet to exchange proposals on the luxury tax, the most significant issue of the labor battle.

Yahoo! Sports' Hannah Keyser characterized MLB as "frustrated" by the union's proposal.

On the other hand, it's MLB's lockout and the league could lift it at any time — allowing spring training and the season to start. The league hasn't shown a willingness to do so as it would open the door for the union to vote to strike.

According to multiple reports, MLB set Feb. 28 as a deadline for an agreement in order for the regular season to start as scheduled March 31.


That there's been no movement on the luxury tax can only be viewed as a bad sign.

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